Cremation Services

Cremation, No Funeral Option

​(all fees and taxes included, no hidden fees)

When the death occurs, you may contact us toll free, 24 hours a day at 1-877-987-3964. We will take care of the details of transferring your loved one from the place of death in to our care. The next step is for us to complete all the necessary documentation in order to register the death and complete the cremation. We will obtain this information from you either online, on the telephone or in person. We have funeral directors that are able to meet with you at one of our offices, or in the comfort of your own home, or in a coffee shop in your area if you prefer. Once all documents are completed and signed, we will proceed with the cremation of your loved one. Once the cremation is completed, usually about 3-5 business days later, we will set up a time to meet in order to return your loved one’s remains, as well as the death certificates. We will also assist you with the completion of the Canada Pension Plan Death Benefit and Canada Pension Plan Survivor’s Benefit if applicable.

Celebration of Life Option

​(all fees and taxes included, no hidden fees)

With this option, the process for completing all the paperwork and cremation is the same as in the cremation with no funeral option. The difference is in the planning of the Celebration of Life. We would meet with you to set a place, date and time that is most convenient for you and your guests. One of the benefits of cremation is that the Celebration of Life does not have to take place until you are ready. This can be within a matter of days, weeks or in some cases even months. You can choose to hold the Celebration of Life at one of our facilities, or we can assist you with arranging a Celebration of Life at one of many public locations such as municipal facilities, restaurants, Legions, parks, or even in your own home. We have a thorough list of suitable locations that we can review with you, as well as the associated rental charges that apply. A Celebration of Life is a time where people can gather, reminisce, offer condolences, and most importantly, celebrate the life lived. We have created thousands of such celebrations and would be happy to assist your family in creating a celebration that is unique to you, your family and your loved one. Our Celebration of Life Package is $2,925, all fees and taxes included when held at one of our locations. If the celebration is held at another facility, their rental rates would apply.

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